TV and Film clients include:

BBC London productions:
Kate Humble: Into the Volcano, Ambryn, Vanuatu
Inside Rome, access to ancient mine
The One Show’, Pudsey abseil, Coventry Cathedral
Wonders of Life, Madagascar
Seven Ages of Britain
History of Climate Change, Greenland

BBC, Natural History Unit productions:
Rope access advisor for Natural History Unit
Animal Impossible, Utah, USA
Frozen Planet Two, Greenland ice-cap
Primates, Brazil
'Seven Worlds' Orangutans, Kalimantan and Rhinos, Sumatra
'Earth's Greatest Rivers'; Ice climb, Wyoming
'Life in the Air' cliff top safety
'Restless Year' Osprey nest rig
'Planet Earth Two', Shard, presenter safety
Secret Britain, Pollasumera, Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
Planet Earth Two, Garden’s by the Bay, Singapore, and Birds of Paradise, West Papua
Wild West, Sugar Pines, Lake Tahoe, California
Wild 2, CBBC, Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
Naomi’s Nightmares of Nature, CBBC, Costa Rica and Belize
Naomi’s Nightmares of Nature 2, CBBC, Thailand and Borneo
Deadly Pole to Pole, Svalbard ice climb and Guyana Harpy Eagles
Wild, CBBC, Lesser Garth Cave, National Lift Tower and
Eas a 'Chual Aluinn waterfall
Wild Burma
Monkey Planet, Kalimantan
The Dark - Venezuela, Peru & Costa Rica
Year of Adventure - Italian Dolomites, Iceland & USA
Africa, Sof Omar, Ethiopia and Dragon’s Breath Cave, Namibia
Chimps of the Lost Gorge, Natural World
Frozen Planet, Greenland ice cap
Lost Land of the Tiger

Madagascar, Red Ruff Lemurs ,Masoala and Goshawks of Ranamofana
Human Planet, Rivers: Mekong fisherman, Laos
Human Planet, Jungles: Biaka Honey Gatherers, Central African Republic
Great Rift : Nesting chimps, Uganda
Lost Land of the Volcano
Fossil Detective
Lost Land of the Jaguar
Ultimate Caving
Life: Monarch Butterflies, Mexico and Khao Yai, Thailand
Wild China: Swift Cave, Guilin Crown Cave and the Nujiang River Crossing
Expedition Borneo
Natural History of Great Britain, New Forest
Natural World: Redwood Trees, California and Icebergs, Norway
Planet Earth: Caves, Forests, Mountains and Jungles.

BBC Scotland productions:
'Earth's Natural Wonders' Abuna Yemata, Ethiopia, and Faroe Islands , egg collection
'Invisible Cities', Saladin's Well, Cairo and Athens, Aqueducts and Silver Mines

War at Sea, HMS Caroline, Belfast
Britain Beneath Your Feet, Gaping Gill
Earth’s Natural Wonders, Gomangtong Cave, Sabah
Operation Iceberg, Greenland and Baffin Island coast
Kasugai, Kenya, The Green Planet

Jaunt VR for Conservation International:
'Under the Canopy' Virtual Reality, Surinam and Ecuador

Nutopia for National Geographic:
'One Strange Rock' Lechuguilla Cave, Underground Leader
and Fishing boat storm rig, Penzance

7 Wonders for Channel 4:
'Make my body better', Pembroke Hanging camp

'Shannon River', Pigeon Pot safety and rigging

Offspring Films:
'An Amazing Animal Family'; Monkeys and Dogs Florida
'One Wild Day'; Sloths, Panama and Woolly Monkeys, Peru

Plimsoll Productions:
Life at the Extreme with Davina McCall, Costa Rica

Furnace for BBC4:
The Oak Tree, Wytham Wood, Oxfordshire

Great Ape Productions/Disneynature:
Chimpanzee, camera dolly rigging, Gabon

Santa Rosa, Costa Rica, Jaguars

NDR German Television:
Camera dolly rigging, Bad Shandau, Saxony

BBC, Belfast productions:
SkinTight; Adventures of Flash McVeigh ; Murder in Eden ; Give My Head Peace; Off The Beaten Track; Springwatch 2011

Fixers for Man vs. Wild III, Ireland

RDF Media:
'Wild thing I love you'

First City Features Ltd. Dublin:
'Hear My Song'

G and H Film and Television Services:

Chameleon/National Geographic:
Deep into the Labyrinth, Voyager 3’

MacGillivray Freeman Films:
'Exploring America', Cypress swamp, South Carolina

Other Projects:

Work at height training, Tristan Da Cunha, South Atlantic for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.
Jebel Hafit Cave Project, UAE

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All our equipment is subject to stringent inspection and logging.

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